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The G.O.Y.A Training Club caters to the babes out there living fast and free, but might need a swift kick in the ass to get them back to werk. Our fun and high-energy Strength and HIIT workouts are designed to challenge people at every level of fitness, continually pushing the G.O.Y.A GANG to break the booty barrier.

We strongly believe that the hourglass is a naturally achievable figure and that everyone who commits themselves can elevate their body and mind beyond what they imagined. Our online membership program specializes in enhancing all aspects of life by offering solid motivation, unique challenges, and healthy nutritional guides that keep our babes looking good and feeling good.

Founded in 2020, G.O.Y.A Training Club began during a time of great confusion and sadness, a time when many were feeling helpless, and alone. Mental health issues rose all around us, and with our ability to go to the gym taken away, for some, there was no longer an outlet for it all. That's when the seed for G.O.Y.A was planted and Matthew set out to curate a space that was just that, an outlet.

A space to be yourself, to speak your mind, and be bold. To be surrounded by a community that empowers you to flourish into the best and most authentic version of yourself. At the root of the G.O.Y.A method, is the belief that the most immediate and empowering way to begin improving your life is to get off your ass and get moving. This unstoppable outlook is what drives Matthew and the team at G.O.Y.A Training Club to transform your home into your most successful gym, one where you can be comfortable, raw, and focused.


Matthew is a spark of light, whose enthusiastic energy is insanely motivating and contagious. His attitude will elevate your vibe while building you into a stronger, sexier, bad b*tch. Driven by his desire to empower his G.O.Y.A gang, Matthew uses his fiery energy to ignite the inner hustler inside each client, and sculpt a hard-working babe who approaches workouts from a place of playful discipline.

With his heavy dance background in the Contemporary, Modern, and Footwork styles, and his years spent as a successful personal trainer, Matthew strongly values discipline and regards it as the key to achieving unrivalled results. His training program is tailored to instill this mindset in his clients, building confidence and muscle in all the right places.

By showcasing himself to the world unapologetically, he hopes to give others the confidence to step into their own power, and as the G.O.Y.A gang continues to grow, Matthew remains a positive influence for the LGBTQ community, creating a secure space to be genuine, out-spoken, and raw.

Curated with the intention of enhancing booties all over the world, his workouts challenge perceptions surrounding the hourglass body type, proving again and again that big booties are naturally attainable for anyone, all it takes is committing to getting off your ass! The work ethic that is formed at G.O.Y.A Training Club flows into all aspects of life and lights the fuse that burns toward a more radiant and empowering lifestyle.


G.O.Y.A Training Club is for anyone who is hungry to work hard, drop fat, and build muscle. With a healthy balance of discipline and play, the benefits of our workouts extend beyond the sexy hourglass figure you'll achieve to positively impact all aspects of your life. Feel unstoppable. Join the gang of G.O.Y.A babes who are putting themselves first. Let's crush it together because you DESERVE this!

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